STIGA Pro Carbon Review

In the search for review of STIGA Pro Carbon Review then we have reviewed that here and we will be telling you what are the pros and cons of buying it.

If you are wondering which one would make an ideal Table Tennis Paddle for the best of the games, then here is something I would like to suggest to you my friends.

There appear to be over more than thousands of Table Tennis paddles out there but, hey, do you know which one would be the best? Well, the STIGA Pro Carbon is indeed one of the best paddles that one can use for playing Table Tennis.

STIGA Pro Carbon Review

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STIGA Pro Carbon, a Table Tennis equipment from the very famous Swedish company – STIGA which has been active and serving in games equipment since 1944. The company has a range of 5 Premade rackets which are approved by ITTF i.e. they can be used in competitions as well.

STIGA Pro Carbon offers a decent level of spin and also great speed. It has a replaceable Rubber and the significant part about this paddle is that it comes with great power and thus it becomes quite difficult to control it. However, if you are an average or intermediate level player, it won’t be a problem for you.

Features of STIGA Pro Carbon

Now since this Table Tennis paddle has made its way into our Review post, it is certain as many of you might know that STIGA stands among one of the top Table Tennis equipment manufacturers of the world.

This Paddle for table tennis is made from a total of 7 Plies of which 5 are of balsa wood and 2 of Carbon. The two layers carbon that are integrated into a blade enhance the response and rigid structure of the racket.

This setup is the reason for the huge power of this paddle. Along with that it also aids in keeping an appropriate control level. Such type of arrangement helps in playing against a player who hits the ball further from the table.

The rubber used in the rackets comprises of ACS Numerous Microscopic Air capsules in an ultralight rubber along with Nano Composite Technology that results in robust bonds which in turn lead to more spin and pace as well as the highest level of elasticity and control.

Apart from these structural features, here are some technical features that will attract you even more to this racket.

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The rod in the handle serves the purpose of giving better grip as well as adding mass to strike the ball. The paddle has a larger sweet spot on the rubber surface which gives great speed and spin too.

  • Crystal Technology – With this type of technology, the surface of the racket is hardened so as to increase the speed of the racket. This is a process unique to STIGA.
  • Ball Sensitivity – For an additional touch sensitivity, there is a presence of a Recess in the handle.
  • ITTF Approved – The STIGA Pro Carbon has been approved by the ITTF, the abbreviation for International Table Tennis Federation, meaning it can be used for performances at the levels of Tournaments.
  • WRB Weight Balance – The balance of blade has been shifted to the point where the racket contacts with the ball.
  • Rate of Recovery – The rate of recovery is increased after every stroke because of the decrease in blade weight.
  • Balsa Technology – For increasing the pace and the reaction time, the Ultra-lightweight balsa wood is centrally plied.

Given below are some features directly from the official STIGA Pro Carbon site –

  • Performance -Level Table Tennis Racket
  • Handle – Concave Pro
  • Rubber –  S5
  • Sponge – 2.0 mm
  • Performance Ratings-Speed –  99 Spin: 100 Control: 80
  • Blade – 7-ply Extra Light

As of now, the STIGA Pro Carbon can be bought from for a price of US Dollars 47.99 which makes it a much cheaper premade racket. It certainly helps the intermediate level players in levelling up their game.

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Advantages of STIGA Pro Carbon

  1. Great Speed.
  2. Excellent Spin.
  3. Replaceable Rubber.
  4. Good to improve performance for Intermediate players.
  5. Perfect for Offensive players.
  6. Recess in the handle.

Disadvantage of STIGA Pro Carbon

  1. Lacks in Backspin and Chopping.
  2. Packaging problems.
  3. Not for newbies


As you might have understood from the article above, the STIGA Pro Carbon comes with some really great features and a few flaws too. It is totally up to you whether you want to play TT with this racket or any other. In our viewpoint, this certainly is an ideal racket especially if you are one of those offensive players who have a hand in smashing or looping.

It certainly is not for inexperienced players or just for fun. The intermediate level players can use it to boost up their performance since a certain level of control is essential to use this racket.

Indeed STIGA Pro Carbon helps in boosting the performance and approved by ITTF. It still lacks in creating backspin and chopping. But considering the numbers, we surely have more pros here. The rest is your choice.

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